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10 Awesome Home Décor Mother's Day Gifts

Being a Mom isn't always a question of DNA. Instead, a Mom is someone who'll protect us fearlessly, offer advice that we won't take, listen when we need to bitch, lift us up when we feel down and insist we eat something...again...for the fourth time this visit. While I got lucky in the Mom department, I have friends I refer to as "Mom" and I know other people's Moms that treat me like their own because that's what Moms do without thinking twice. While I know it's not the same, I have offered to share my all-star Mom with several friend's who I felt needed some Mom stuff in their lives because sometimes, you just need a Mom. There's something about these nurturing ladies that gives me the warm and fuzzies and once a year (more if you're smart) we celebrate them as they should be celebrated daily.

If you have a mom, aunt, grandmother, best friend, sister or any other mother figure who is absolutely obsessed with Home Décor, check out 10 of my favorite Mother's Day Gifts! Any one of them would be perfect for whomever you're celebrating this Mother's Day! Even better, everything is under $50!

For the Cheeky Mom:

This is my mom. All small and cute but never afraid to drop an F Bomb - much to my fathers dismay! This embroidered, cotton tea towel is adorable, especially with that pom-pom trim!

For the Mom Who Loves a Great Scent:

These hand-poured, mini cactuses and poppies are so stinking cute!! The soy wax has been scented with premium oils in pine and vanilla scents (cactus) and jasmine and white tea scents (poppy). When the candle is done, clean out the jar for a great storage solution!

For Au-Natural Mom:

These hand crafted, natural teak bowls can be perfectly placed on a coffee table or styled on any book shelf. Since they are hand made, each bowl will be unique, just like the woman you're buying them for!

For the Modern Mom:

I see stoneware vases like this everywhere these days but I love the asymmetrical, two tone, hand dipped finish on these. Buy them as a group or grab just one. Finish with a simple floral arrangement and poof! You're the favorite!

For the Organized Mom:

Try one of these macramé catch all's for the lady who believes everything has it's place! These sturdy baskets are canvas lined with intricate macramé detailing along the outside and available in three sizes, perfect for plants, throws, magazines or anything looking for a home.

For the Tea or Coffee Loving Mom:

This should put an end to the "That's MY mug" discussion! Monogrammed in this gorgeous floral motif and finished with a contrasting interior, this mug is perfect to remind Mom why she loves you most!

For the Subtle Mom:

This dusty pink, ceramic trinket dish is perfect for small, every day jewelry. The engraved text, glazed finish and raised edges enhance the look of this piece, all for a price tag you will not believe.

For the Plant Loving Mom:

These hand painted terracotta planters give me all the feels in this perfect color palette and fun geometric design. They are bound to brighten up any garden space or window sill.

For the Mom Who's Favorite Kid is Actually the Dog:

I mean....have you seen a better floral crown model? The artist will send this to you via a high-quality, digital, printable download so you can frame it yourself. It's customizable with text and accessories and, really, I just can't deal with how cute this is!

For the Mom Who Likes a Little Glam:

These natural agate coasters are so gorgeous with their brass trim and unique look. Each one will be different so go for a collection and make Mom swoon!

MOMS: They brought us into this world and they can take us out!

To the women who raised us: Thank you! We love you!

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