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My Favorite Accent Chairs Under $1,000.00!!

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Accent chair. Lounge chair. Side Chair. Occasional Chair. Whatever you want to call it, these little one seaters are a great way to add a bit of style, a pop of color or a great texture to any space. In searching for some accent chairs for a client, I found that there were SO many that I loved but a lot were outside of their budget. So here are some of my favorite accent chairs under $1,000.00!!


This gorgeous side chair is not new to the market but I've loved it from afar since I stumbled across it while working for a client a few years ago. I'm so into the architectural details, the fully upholstered legs and arms and the generously curved back! This amazing velvet upholstery is available in tons of colors which is a super plus! A couple of these would be perfect for a moody dining space!


Hello, pop of color!! This Babe - see what I did there- is all glam and good vibes in this striking coal velvet upholstery and gold accents. The shape of the arms and singular channel of the back really make this accent chair stand! Place it in a bedroom for some punch!!


I just cant get enough of the shapes on this chair. I love the way the arms wrap upward like that and how the back comes down just below the seat. The high back just has this chair looking cozy and inviting not to mention this vintage rose colored velvet upholstery that's giving me all sorts of feels. The best part? This beauty will run you far less than $1,000.00!


If you like to go big and bold then this is the side chair for you! The oversized roll arms create such a unique silhouette with the Mid-Century Modern vibes we're getting from the A-frame style leg. Don't even get me started on the color of this amazing leather upholstery!!


OK. First of all, this lounge chair is BIG! Almost 3' Wide x 3' Deep, big and the details are super fun with these natural colored, leather buckles and gently sloped frame. I mean....this just looks like it's so cushy that once you're in it, you may not move all day! Fine by me!


Check out the curves on this gorgeousness!!! Every time I see this chair I envision two of them in my my enclosed SUN PORCH, because we're daydreaming...why not make it good? Anyways, there are cocktails and ceiling fans going and it's always spring and the air smells like honey suckle. Oh I'm sorry....what were we talking about?


I mean...who doesn't like a rocking chair every now and again? The natural wood finish on the leg and cozy blush pink velvet upholstery are so on trend right now. Perfect, as the name would suggest, for a nursery or any kiddos room,


Modern-retro (is that a thing?) vibes? Check! Natural, sustainable materials? Check! Stand out contrasting color palette? Check! Scoop a pair of these up as guest chairs for an office space or a minimalist entry! Pop in a colorful throw pillow for some extra but optional pizzazz!


Interiors and furnishings are all about shapes and oversized elements this year and, man, does this accent chair have a little of it all. I love how large and enveloping the back of this is. It's basically calling you to curl up on the gray boucle upholstery with a cup of tea and a cozy throw! Paired with the black legs, there's so much to love about this one.


OK so technically this is an outdoor chair but who's really gonna know? How cute would a pair of these look in a little coast vibes, beach bungalow? I love this natural rattan which is so in right now, by the way, and the overall 60's vibes. The best news? It's listed at under $300! Add a shaggy seat cover and you're good to go!


Fitting name, no? The tight seat and back upholstered in this amazing yellow velvet are giving me all sorts of feels. The black metal legs keep this baby modern while the slopping arms and curved back give us just a touch of retro! This side chair is the perfect, saturated pop of color!

There ya have it, folks! Ok - So what did we learn besides manufacturers mostly love to name lounge chairs after women? I'm not mad about it but I'd never really noticed before!! We learned that you can find amazing lounge chairs that WILL fit your budget if you just take some time to look around!!

As always, I'm here to help if you get stuck!! Feel free to reach out and we can chat about it!!

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