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5 Instagram Accounts I Love

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

One morning I got a text from my brother asking if I wanted him to help me build a website. He's in marketing and knows things for a living so...YES! Definitely yes. That was the day I, literally and figuratively, woke up and decided to get this small business venture that I had been thinking about for a loooong time off the ground. Going into it, I knew it would be hard (and it is!) but, fingers crossed, with a little help from my friends and social media and a lot of dedication, it'll all be worth it.

Instagram is the only social media I use. I'm a visual person so the platform works for me the best. I've never twote a tweet in my life. My Faceyspacey is deleted or disabled or whatever they call it because who needs that negativity? If I wanted to argue with someone, I'd call a family member.

Here are a few small businesses and independent artists' accounts I follow on Instagram that I think are worth mentioning because we can all use any help we can get.


I LOVE house plants. Not only do they really liven up a space, but they help maintain our air quality and bring an important energy of growth into our environments. This account sells THE most adorable, ceramic, what she calls, Pun Pots. Each one is engraved with the "punniest" text. Things like "Plants Are My Soilmates", "Nobody Pots Baby In The Corner" and my personal fave, "I'm a Succa For You". I mean, who's not into succulents these days!


So fresh and so clean....clean! If the name didn't tip you off, this account sells "thoughtfully created body care products" made with things like coconut oil, olive oil, organic fair trade Shea butter, essential oils, and dried flower petals and buds. Visually they are colorful, vibrant and stunning and they smell amazing!


This clever cross stitcher of inappropriate antidotes is helping to give the centuries old embroidery pasttime a surge into popularity. The stitch work is clean with cute florals reminiscent of more conventional cross stitch work, coupled with naughty sayings littered with four letter words and favorite kind!


While Society6 may not be a "maker" account itself, or even a small business at this point, I like them because they give a large platform to small businesses and independent artists. On their website, they describe themselves as a global, "open marketplace" where independent artists can upload their work for printing on all sort of mediums including art, home decor items and "lifestyle products". Items are then custom made per order.


This guy is probably one of my favorite paint medium artists I follow. His style mixes psychedelic designs with the familiar imagery of musicians, political leaders, religious icons and pop culture phenomenon. Ranging from black and white to color exploding color palettes, he is capable of creating almost anything, even a suped up painting of your best, four legged, furry friend.

I hope you take a moment to check these guys out! What are some of your favorite home decor / lifestyle / generally bad-ass small business or independent artist accounts?

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