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E-Design Tribe Deign Challenge: Get The Look!

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Hey hey hey!!!

So this was the first design challenge I've ever entered and I'm super happy with how the renderings turned out so I figured why not let you all know how to get the look!!

Basically, we were given a floor plan that already had the floor and kitchen cabinets uploaded and we were left to furnish the space to our hearts desire. There's something about working without restrictions that I just love!

Check out Instagram here for the original rendered submissions! Don't forget to double tap and leave me a comment so we can chat about it!

So here are the renderings:

OK loves!! Here goes. Just click on any one of the images and it'll take you direct to the manufacturers website - these are not affiliate links so, I've got no skin in this game!

Starting in the Dining Area:

Brass finishes are here to stay!

Mixed with a light wood, round dining table to maximize seating..

And sophisticated dining chairs.

Don't worry if the woods don't match!! It helps add interest!

And finish with this ahhhhmazing tropical wallpaper!

And now the Living Room. Since this is an open plan, we really want the pieces to work together:

These metal counter stools really bring out the blue / green tones in the wallcovering in the Dining Area.

Basic pieces like this wide, track arm sofa will work with tons of different design styles so you wont have to dump it when or if your taste changes!

I LOVE the rattan details on this side chair!! Totally drool worthy!

Or if you're missing that blue upholstery. Look how it pops against the natural color of the rattan!

Spoiler: The original chair I used is from a trade only manufacturer and won't be cheap so I pulled two alternates. If you're loving that braided side chair you can find it here and if you'd like some pricing, feel free to reach out and I'll request it for you!!

We don't want to block those big beautiful windows so an upholstered bench is the perfect option for additional seating. I'm also really into the pattern on this cushion!

No space is complete without an area rug to help define the space and ground your furniture. This one comes in tons of sizes so make sure you pick the right one for you!

Um hello!!! It! Has! Storage! It's basically the equivalent to pockets on a dress and who doesn't love pockets on a dress....I'll wait...

Wood finishes really help warm everything up a bit. This mid century style media cabinet is perfect!

Sometimes it's tough to find the best media set-up for a Living Room so don't be afraid to curate one yourself!

I love the combination of the marble shelves with the warm wood trim on these bookshelves. Add one to either side of the media unit for a totally unique look.

Top with a simple white, dome style pendant with a brass interior...

And finish with Benjamín Moore's Smoke paint color and wha-la!!

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!!

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