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My Favorite Ikea Products of 2021

According to Google, Ikea has been the world largest furniture retailer since 2008. It's no surprise considering the king of flat pack furniture has kept up with all the home décor trends at a price point that so many of us are looking for. You might think that it's too good to be true but I can speak from experience when I say that as long as you don't trash your Ikea furniture, it will serve you well for a long time. Let's take a look at some of my favorite Ikea products from the current catalog because everyone deserves a beautiful space, regardless of your budget.

Finnala Sofa: I love the clean lines and minimal vibes we get from this piece. It's available in a bunch of different upholstery options so you shouldn't have a problem finding something that works with what you've already got going on or for the amazing space you're planning

Buskbo Rattan Arm Chair: Fabricated out of hand woven rattan, this airy little baby fits right in with the current home décor climate. Grab it with or without the white cushion for an easy way to bring a natural element into any space.

Malsjo Sideboard: At just under 5' long and loaded with available storage, this sideboard is the perfect finish piece. The striking black finish, sliding glass doors and gold hardware combine to give it a handcrafted feel, making it ideal for a dining area or even an entry!

Tufjord Queen Bed: Hello gorgeous!! Take a look at this amazing, emerald green, velvet upholstery!! I'm also loving the curved headboard for something a little different. Toss on all white or even dusty pink bedding and let this bed speak for itself!

Rodarv Throw Pillow: Inspired by Swedish Embroidery techniques, the bright colors and fun patterning on this throw pillow make it impossible not to smile when you look at it. Toss it on a bed, side chair or sofa for a little cheer wherever you might need it.

Vikfjard Bath Sheet: That's right...bath SHEET. For $12.99. Twelve - ninety - nine! And it's finished with that super cute stripped trim? You can't really beat it!

Stockholm Area Rug: I challenge you to find another handwoven, wool area rug of this size, that looks this fabulous at a better price point. I'll wait....*

* No seriously...if you find one I'd love to know about it so drop

me a link in the comments!!

Tannisby Area Rug: If you're looking to add a little texture to your space, this handmade area rug would be an awesome addition. I love the different pile heights against the flat weave and the fringe details on the ends. The black accents really make the pattern pop!

Nissafors Rolling Cart: I honestly think this may be one of the most versatile pieces I found. I see a great bar cart but that's just me. Perfect for extra storage in your kitchen or bathroom or really anywhere some mobile storage would come in handy, It's less than 20" long so you should be able to squeeze this puppy in just about anywhere.

Lindbyn Mirror: The perfect, minimalist mirror with it's slim frame and soft curved lines. Hang it in your entry or above a vanity for a super polished look.

Knoppang Art: I'm loving the vintage, hand drawn feel of these veggies and herbs framed prints because even kitchens should have great art!

Plants and Trees and Things: Full disclosure: I was always weary of buying plants from Ikea until a friend of mine picked one up and it grew to be this monstrous, gorgeous potted plant worthy of envy. Check them out!!

Fornamal Throw: Can one even have too many throw's? I think not!! This light weight beauty is perfect for a chilly spring night or to cozy up around a fire place with a great book - or cocktail (not here to judge...also pour me one!)

Osternas Leather Pulls: Great hardware can change the whole look of any piece of furniture and these are a super easy way to give a lack luster piece a mini face lift! The tanned leather adds just a touch of natural material wherever you may need it.

Svartnora Hanging Pendant: How about the color?! It's not every day we see something with such a beautiful saturated finish! The size is substantial enough for a small dining space or living room or group three together to hang over a kitchen island or or larger table.

Kapkrusbar Hanging Planter: I'm all about my plants so this is really one of my favs! The ombre coloring on the earthenware pot is so beautifully done and pairs perfectly with the natural jute hanging cords.

Hurring Bamboo Basket: I'm all about storage and organization and this is a great little option for stray pillows, throws, magazines; whatever it might be. I love that its been finished with prefect leather handles for an added texture

Saxborga Jars: Speaking of storage and organization!! How perfect for a bathroom to store cotton balls, Q-Tips or hair accessories?! I also love them for a home office for small supplies like paper clips or push pins!

At the end of the day, Ikea is a gold mind and absolute treasure trove of great products at an amazing price point, Just like any other retailer, I urge you to do your own research before you drop any sort of substantial funds on anything. Read reviews and make educated decisions before you spend your hard earned dough. And don't forget to measure, measure, measure!!

Check out this post to see how you can deck out your living room entirely from Ikea on a pretty tight budget! And if you need some help, you know where to find me!

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