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The Best Christmas Trees of 2020

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

One size does not fit all, folks; even when talking about Christmas Trees. Some of us have lots of square footage for a big ol' tree and some of us are city people with a little less available real estate. Some people might prefer a real tree and others, artificial. There are even some people who prefer not to decorate a tree at all and instead, dangle twinkle lights and garland from something entirely different.

Whatever floats your holiday boat, I've got all the bases covered with a couple of great DIY projects and links to places where you can purchase the tree of your dreams.

Better get to it! You're running out of time!

The Small Tree:

We opted for a bit of a smaller tree this year than we have in the passed. After I moved, we had to find floor space for some new furniture and we just don't have the room for a bigger tree. You know what, though? I LOVE our little tree. It's prefect for us and it's definitely twinkling it's little butt off. No worries; small trees can be just as festive as their big brothers and sisters. Check out how these guys made their smaller trees pack a big punch.

I'm really loving this planter basket!! This look is super simple and neutral and I love the addition of the fur and the lights to just give it that extra bit of Christmas joy. Hang a bit of wooden garland and you're done!

I also love this idea of placing the tree in a crate and adding ornaments below the tree. Some white lights stung up or just mixed in with the ornaments below would totally complete this look.

This artificial alternative is the perfect option for someone looking for a no maintenance Christmas Tree. At 3 1/2' tall and 26" in diameter at the base, the size is perfect for an apartment or smaller home. With flocked branches and a burlap base, this is definitely a "just add ornaments" sort of situation.

The Artificial Tree

Some people don't want to get all bundled up to go chop down a tree in the cold and then strap that thing to the roof only to have to heave it down off the car and schlep it inside. Add to that the responsibility of having to now keep this thing alive and let's not forget to mention the pine needles everywhere. EVERY! WHERE! Does it feel like I'm speaking to you personally? Well then, these trees are for you.

This gorgeous artificial, 7.5' Downswept Douglas Fir comes fully equipped with dual color, low-voltage, energy efficient LED lights that change from warm white to multicolor with the touch of a button. Not to mention that according to The National Tree Company, this tree even feels real. I NEED TO KNOW!

It's also available as a white, 6.5' Winchester Pine Tree with Clear Lights.

Now if your looking for something you can't kill that also has a small footprint, check this out. Here's an artificial, 7.5'. Downswept Douglas Fir in that pencil slim silhouette we've been seeing everywhere and it's pre-lit with with Dual Color LED Lights. Unbox and go!

Tree Alternatives:

Maybe you're over the traditional Christmas Tree. Maybe you're a DIY maven who can create anything (call me!). Or maybe you just like to do something a little different. And maybe, just maybe you also like the IDEA of a Christmas Tree, but y0u hate to think of cutting down a live tree just to deck its halls and then toss it out shortly after New Years. Lots of maybe's there....

Check this out!!! Made entirely of tubing and craft paper, this tree is actually hanging. HANG! ING! I love it's botanical nature and the neutral color pallet we get from the paper. Holes were punched. String lights were hung. History was made.

I know we've all seen these but I still love them and I think this one is really well done. The string lights and star tree topper really give me true Christmas Tree vibes. The ornaments are really well balanced and the garland at the bottom is the perfect finishing touch,

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! It's probably not for those apartment dwellers I talked about earlier but holy sh-moly; these balloon trees are so cool! I've seen a few of them on The 'Gram and they give you so much bang for your buck! LOVES it!

The Minimalist Tree

Not everyone is into the muss and fuss of holiday decorating. I FEEL YOU! It's not so much the decorating for me as much as the un-decorating (the DE-decorating?) which is why our Christmas lights stayed up until we cleaned the gutters for Spring last year. The answer is a minimalist tree design.

Looking for a truly small space solution? I love this idea. Grab a piece of pine wood, some string lights and a power tool or two, and get to work. All the pizzazz of a traditional tree without the mess of, well, a traditional tree! Try it with colored lights or paint the board to up the ante a pinch.

I really love the Scandinavian, monochromatic design of this tree. Easy, simple décor, all in the same color, is such a beautiful way to decorate, Sometimes, less truly is more.

Add a little whimsy to your space with this light up, LED, white tree. It's 4' tall and 7.5" wide so there's even some space for Santa to leave some presents below. Add a small tree skit to finish up the look.

The Non-Tree Tree:

You were dying your hair purple before it was cool. You're a little rebellious. You take your tequila straight. You like to have some fun. OK...lots of fun. YOU ARE MY KINDA PERSON! And these left field, funky AF, not tree, Christmas trees are for you! Proof that if you can hang an ornament from it, you can put presents under and call it Christmas.

Oh hello there, gorgeous! I love the size and colors of the ornaments and the juxtaposition of the bright colors with the earthenware vase. Well done!!

The most practical of the not trees, this macramé, shelving, situation is so beautifully crafted entirely from items you'd find at your local hardware store. Click the link below for the DIY,

Do we really need to talk about this or can we just let it exist in all its gloriousness. I love it. I want it. I need it!

So...what's your Christmas Tree Style? Lets talk about it in the comments!!

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