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The Biggest Paint Trends of 2021

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Murals and painted ceilings and accented door trims oh my!! It's popping up everywhere!! Outside the box, unexpected, often colorful paint trends are taking over interiors in 2021. I have to assume this is, to some degree, a fall-out from Covid and being quarantined, some of us for far longer than others. Paint has always been an easy option for a quick, do-it-yourself, facelift for any space. I guess, with all this time on their hands, folks are getting extra creative where they can!! Here are some of my favorite home paint trends for 2021!

First lets chat about some of the paint pallets that we've been seeing around. While the white and beige combo will never totally disappear, it looks like lots of folks are focused on warmer, more grounding color tones accented with a pop (or pops!) of color, just like the Pantone Color(s) of the Year, Its all about comfort these days so think dusty pink, terracotta, mustard yellow and warm gray or beige. Earth tones and their moody counterparts are totally having their moment right now. Check out the Behr Color Trend Forecast for 2021 for more.

I love this first idea. Adding pop of color to an unexpected place like a door or passage way or the back of a closet is such an easy way to bring a little joy into your life with minimal effort. Go for organic shapes or some fun stripes in any color you fancy!

Looking for some other areas to explore? Try the back of a bookcase, any decorative molding, the edge of a door or the back of a faux fireplace. If you don't have the time or energy to get into a bigger painting project, grab a couple of cans of colorful spray paint and set your sights on vases, thrifted art or wall frames!

When talking paint, the sky is literally the limit and the once forgotten, white ceiling is finally having it's day in the spot light. Folks have been thinking beyond the walls and taking the color all the way up and over with bold colors, contrasting looks and fun patterns. By accenting the ceiling, the eye is drawn upward, giving you a totally different perspective of a space. It's a great way to bring attention of architectural details, high windows or decorative ceiling moldings.

Speaking of bold moves, lets talk about color-blocking. Pairing two or more solid colors together is bound to give you a eye-catching, dramatic look. Use large geometric shapes to accent things like doors, moldings or windows or to add interest where there may not have been any before. When working with color blocking, its all about the color choices. Select different hues of the same color family or go crazy with a combination of bright, bold and neutral selections!

If you're ready, take color blocking a step further and go all in on a mural. I love this idea since it's truly customizable. You can take this concept as far as your imagination will allow. Pull inspo directly from nature, bring in lots of geometric shapes or go for something totally abstract in a crazy color palette. Do as much or as little as you'd like and feel free to experiment.

Doors! It's funny...I'd never really thought of interior doors as being all that decorative. I mean, I know they CAN be but I guess the idea of pushing past the norm and painting a door anything other than a solid color was just not something that I'd ever really thought to do. BUT NO MORE!! I love this whole concept!! What a great was to zhuzh up a rental, a home with little wall space or a boring hallway!

Here's the thing about paint - its the easiest, least expensive way for you to refresh your home. You can do it yourself without a degree and you don't have to worry about burning your house down (I'm looking at you, At-Home-Google-Electricians!!!). So why not give it a try? Find a small space and go crazy in your powder room or home office. Really!! What's the worst that'll happen? If it sucks, you can always paint over it and try again!

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