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The CB2 Collection by Kara Mann is Here!!

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Interior designer, Kara Mann, dubbed a "sparkplug in the world of design" by The Wall Street Journal is at it again. After revamping the Milling Road Furniture Line for Baker, she proved her aesthetic for no-muss, no-fuss, comfy, classic-ish (?) furniture pieces is here to stay and she's taken on a new project with one of my faves, CB2. REJOICE!

So why do I love this line? Well, first of all, I love that it's super accessible to everybody. Bottom line. Your budget shouldn't dictate whether or not you get to have stylish pieces of furniture in your house. I also really enjoy how seamlessly anyone would be able to introduce one of these pieces into their existing décor. Mann has kept all the basic shapes pretty classic and then added a modern twist like a lacquered finish or chain details or played with the overall scale of an item. She doesn't hide behind abstract shapes, crazy colorways or loud patterns. Instead the upholstery is a neutral palette with options including velvets, bouclé, linen blends, poly-blends and even a performance upholstery. You can find case goods, lighting and accessories fabricated out of marble, alabaster, concrete, stainless steel and "ecomix—a mixture of recycled paper and chalk powder" which all keep this collection feeling really natural and organic. Finally, these pieces just look great! The upholstery pieces appear cushy and inviting and it's clear that care and attention have been paid to the finishes and details. Let's check it out!

Here are 10 of my favorite pieces from the new Kara Mann Collection for CB2!

This signature blackened tone can be found throughout the collection but it looks really great on this solid wood dining table. With enough room for 4, this table gives me a forever sort of feeling; like it'll never go out of style.

How gorgeous is the detailing on the side of this piece? Not to mention that slight bevel all around that adds just a drop more refinement. It's all about the details in this collection!!

For me, it's all about the channeled stitching on the seat of this sofa mixed with the ultra slim, tightly upholstered arm. Kara has said many, many times how much she loves a lounge and how essential comfort is to her when designing furniture and with this piece, you can really tell.

Also, how amazing is it in the blush upholstery? I'll take 2, please!

I have a thing for lighting so I'm not surprised that of all the pieces in the collection, this tone on tone floor lamp is ranking as high as it is. The way this oversized, silk shade is topping off the concrete base is the perfect juxtaposition of materials.

Pro Tip: Overhead lighting can be harsh! Try layering lighting with the use of table and floor lamps to get that cozy feeling you're looking for!

OK so don't freak out! It's not actually made of concrete; instead it's a poplar wood base that's been sprayed to add a subtle and smooth concrete-like finish which, personally I love. Also, who can't use all that extra hidden storage tucked away beyond two push-to-open drawers?

The truth about this chair is, the silhouette really couldn't be simpler. Am I right? But the tone on tone, woven, ivory rope work around the iron, powder coated frame is just so well done that you don't even notice the shape of this dining chair. Instead, you focus on the details and I'm pretty sure that's the point of this whole collection.

I'm loving the sculptural shape of this bench with that beautiful curve at the base and just the tiniest peak of the oak frame at the bottom. The faux suede upholstery is such a subtle tone of mauve that this bench could live beautifully at the foot or the bed or in an entry.

So this is one of the accessories items made of that ecomix I mentioned earlier and I love the imperfect, hand made, earthenware feel of this piece. The shape and design really give it a lot of movement and I love the idea of using it as a planter,

Another super simple shape but the black steel base against the marbleized resin top really makes this side table stand out. I love the slim detail of the legs and the way the top is inlayed into the frame,

Texture! Texture! Texture!!! If you're looking for it, here it is! The stripe effect caused by the braiding on this handwoven, natural jute area rug feels so current! It's available in a bunch of different sizes so you should have no trouble at all finding one that works for you!

I'm really just skimming the surface here. Also in the collection are soft goods like throws, napkins and pillows, kitchen décor including stemware and flatware and home accessories such as a catch-all box and a stunning magazine rack. Each one of these pieces makes a statement without screaming "look at me!" It's understated sophistication designed with a high-end eye for the purpose of being lived in and loved. Make sure you go check it out!

If you're seeing lots of pieces from the line that you're loving but you're unsure how or what to incorporate, as always, you know where to find me!

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