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The Goods for 2020

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

I know we're more than half way through the wonderment that has been 2020 but who remembers March, April and May anyway? Am I right?

The past few years, interior design has taken a pretty minimalist turn with neutral color pallets, geometric patterns, gray on gray....on gray spaces and a less is more approach. If Instagram and Pinterest have anything to say about it though, we're starting to move toward more exciting design trends and I for one, am one happy puppy about it.

Here's whats In and Out in for 2020-2021::

I would say one of the biggest shifts is going to be moving toward more sustainable design incorporating natural elements and sustainably sourced, fair trade materials. Considering, the strong global Green Initiatives we have been seeing recently, it makes sense, so we'll be saying ta-ta to plastics and yello! to natural fabrics, non-toxic dyes and recycled goods. I am so here for this! Major manufactures are jumping on board too. Check out some of this great pieces from Pottery Barn!

Keeping in line with the Au Naturale trend, get ready to ditch those geometric patterns and welcome the back the nature-centric patterns and florals we were all ripping out of our homes in the 90's. Florals bring a sense of life and brightness into any space and are a great way to introduce that Biophilic Design concept I spoke about in a previous blog into your home. Go big with an all-over, patterned wall paper or, for those us who aren't ready to jump in feet first, try accent pieces like throw pillows, areas rugs or even a great piece of art.

Wall Paper by Chasing Paper - Its a removable peel and stick for you DIY junkies out there

Area Rug by Anthropologie Home

Art by EchoesPress, Etsy

Probably the most exciting new trend, at least for me, is the resurgence of color in interior spaces. While neutrals and grays wont be leaving us entirely, folks are ready to make some bold moves with bright colors, even doing a full room wash including moldings, built-ins and the ceiling. If this idea seems intimidating to you, start with a small space like a bathroom or home office and incorporate different textures to prevent the space from feeling flat. You don't have to go big and bold your first time around. Instead, try a more subtle hue of blue or green and go crazy!

Finally, and I really like this one too, whats old is new again! Have a great antique desk your mom gave you or did you inherit a super cute occasional chair from your gram that you cant part with? Layer these old pieces with new for a totally unique look that is far from that "catalog" vibe we're all so over. Go antiquing with the crew, pick up something from your favorite vacation spot or dig into mom and dad's storage unit for unexpected finds (I've been after this coffee table my mom has had since they bought their house 40 years ago!).

At the end of the day, these are simply suggestions. The only person that really needs to love your space is you so do what brings you joy and what makes you happy to come home to! After all, these are current trends, and whats in today, could be out tomorrow.

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