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Where to Find Awesome, In Stock Furniture!

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

That's right peeps! I said IN-STOCK FURNITURE!

If you've tried to buy, well, almost anything that you couldn't walk into a store and take off a shelf recently, you know what a mess the supply chain shortage has caused. All sorts of companies and their manufacturers are feeling the pressure of demand and the home décor industry has not been spared. Shut downs in 2020 led to labor shortages which in turn lead to materials shortages and manufacturing delays all over. Add crazy transportation delays to the mix and, most of the time, you'll have that sofa in 16 weeks, if you're lucky.

But not all is lost! There are a few manufacturers that are stocking some pretty phenomenal pieces of furniture and, because you're my favorites, I've done some research on where to find in stock furniture...and we're not talking about Wayfair!

First things first. When you visit a manufacturer's website, look through the filters for a button that says stock, availability or quick ship and either toggle it "on" or put a check mark in that baby because that's what's going to help you weed out what's available now and what will be available in time for anything you love to go out of style. Make sure you set your location so that the system is looking in the right place.

So where can you find the coveted "In Stock" button?

If you have a little more patience to dig through images, check out also. They have some stocked items as well but you'll have to check out each piece to see what the availability is.

Here are just a few of the gems that I was able to dig up that are currently in stock in my area. Each one of these pieces is ready for delivery in two weeks or less to my zip code which is an amazing turn around, considering. Availability is subject to change so if you love something, grab it now!

This unique little accent chair is a great statement piece all by itself. Grab a pair of them to round out a seating arrangement with style.

I love the graphic pattern on these poufs. Perfect if you need a little extra seating or a great place to kick your feet up and a chill out.

Mill C Table: These C Tables are the most versatile occasional tables ever. Compact and light weight, they fit any where you might need a little extra surface space.

Langham Sectional with Ottoman: Um....what? An IN STOCK SOFA?? With an ottoman? That's actually really good looking? And not, in reality, a loveseat?! SOLD!

Linea Console Table: A study in mixed materials, this console is fabricated out of white oak veneers and cast aluminum. A sleek addition to any Living Room or Entry.

Tulee Accent Table: Place this little accent table in an area where you don't have a ton of room but could use a little style pick-me-up! I love the scale of this piece between a couple of occasional chairs.

Morse Accent Table: I really like to mix and match pieces for a more curated look. I love the chalk white finish on this occasional table and the unique shape for something a little different.

Cascade Display Cabinet: It's amazing what a couple of well styled, large cabinets can do for a space. These are a great way to show off all your tchotchkes, some awesome pottery or a few of your favorite books.

Hudson Square Coffee Table: A hand crafted, wood coffee table helps warm up a room and I love the chucky style of this one.

Venom Emerald Rug: A great area rug with a graphic design like this is everything you need to ground a seating area in your Living Room. The green adds a great pop of color in a neutral space and I'm so here from this serpent look!

Arched Floor Mirrors: A pair of huge mirrors never hurt!! Mirrors help bounce light around a room, making it feel larger, brighter and more expansive. And, I mean, these are just so good looking!

Digital Art: For me, art is really the thing that helps to finish a space and I love that I can have these in my inbox in an instant. If you don't know much about digital art, you can find lot's of it on Etsy and prints are usually available in a variety of sizes and styles. Once you make the purchase, they are available for download almost immediately. You can send them to a nearby printer and frame it yourself for some really awesome pieces!

I'm really into this overall vibe, you guys!! What do you think?

I'm going to put together some stocked looks for some other rooms and a Shop The Look so you can take a virtual tour of this space so check back here for some more goodies!!

PS. This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something I may earn a commission. Thanks!

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