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Get The Look For Less!

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

It happens to the best of us - Interior Envy. We flip through magazines or scroll our social feeds for home inspo only to find beautiful, precisely curated interiors that probably cost more than we made last year.

Here's the thing, folks. You don't need to be Jeff Bezos (apologies if you hate the "B" word) to be able to put spaces like this together for yourself. All you need is an open mind and a little patience.

I've been swooning over Christian Siriano's Architectural Digest spread since it was released in August and I thought this would be a great way to show you how to Get This Look for Less.

Check out his AHHHMAZING space Christian decorated using pieces he'd found during weekend antiquing binges, items from a storage unit and even chairs he, basically, stole from himself.

Let's start with the white sofa. I found this Alexis Sofa from Check out the curves on this baby! Between the round accent pillows, the boucle upholstery and the channel work, this is a great option for this look.

Next I located alternates for those glorious, poufy lounge chairs from who never fail me. These Renzo Accent chairs with their textured upholstery are too good!

The wooden side chairs used in front of the fireplace are likely sourced from an antique shop so they were the hardest pieces to find. I think these Stanton Chairs from with some lovely leather and brass accents will definitely get the job done.

I went with the Mineral Coffee Table in Bianco Curia from to give me that heavy feeling of the table base with a glass top.

Enter the dreamy mustard yellow settee, definitely a vintage piece that Christian picked up on and reupholstered. I love the idea of revamping something old but I have found that unless you REALLY love something, reupholstering can often times cost more than a new purchase. I replaced it with another find, The Brando Sofa, in a similar colored, velvet upholstery

This little Willow Stool from is a cute replacement for one of the small side tables along with a Ford Stone Top Side Table for the other.

Now don't get me wrong - part of what makes this space really fun is that huge Palm Tree sculpture in the back.

I did locate it, or something similar at if you've got the dough but $6K is no small price tag.

Or try this Josephine Feather Floor Lamp from for that same Palm Tree vibe at a far lesser price point!

The goal is to bring the feeling you get from the images to life - not to 100% replicate a look to the last detail. Bring in your own art and accent pieces. Don't be afraid to add an area rug - I know I would - change an upholstery color or pull out a piece if you think its too much for you!

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